Gold Coast Aquatic Centre Accommodation

Some very exciting changes are afoot with the winning Gold Coast bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. There will be a huge upgrade for the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. This will turn an already outstanding facility into a world class swimming venue. The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre is located in a spectacular position on the shores of the Broadwater which is within easy walking distance of Blue Waters Apartments. For visitors who have a passion for watersports then Blue Waters Apartments really are your first choice in Gold Coast Aquatic Centre Accommodation.

Southport Broadwater Parklands Games Venue

The Southport Broadwater Parklands will provide a unique hub for a variety of sports throughout the Games.

At the northern end of the Parklands a temporary venue will be constructed. The venue is designed to seat a minimum of 7,500 spectators to accommodate the sport of Gymnastics and to host either the finals of the Basketball or Netball competition. Following the Games and due to its modular capacity the venue will be deconstructed and relocated to provide for a variety of community activities within Gold Coast City providing a valuable legacy for the Gold Coast City community.

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre will undergo a major redevelopment to provide for both the Swimming and Diving elements of the Games sports programme. Redevelopment will include the construction of a new 50 metre, 10 lane swimming pool for competition purposes, while the existing 50 metre pool will become the warm up pool in Games mode. Seating for 10,000 spectators (swimming) and 2,500 spectators (diving) will be provided on a temporary basis for the Games. In legacy mode this venue will include additional change rooms, meetings rooms, permanent seating for 1,000 spectators and the flexibility for Gold Coast City Council to incorporate a variety of community sport and leisure activities.

South of the Aquatic Centre and still in the Southport Broadwater Parklands will be sites for the start and finish of the Marathon event, Road Walks and Triathlon. The Southport Broadwater Parklands will also be the location for one of the Game’s live sites where people can visit and watch the action on the screens provided while enjoying the atmosphere of the Games.

Book your Gold Coast Aquatic Centre Accommodation at Blue Waters Apartments on the Broadwater now, and get a sneak preview of things to come with the 2018 Commonwealth Games.